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The Rambling Badgers

The Rambling Badgers

The Rambling Badgers are a group of friends who decided during 2010 to walk the peaks in Yorkshire over 2000ft. Anyone who knew us back then would have been totally shocked to hear of this news as none of us were walkers, and were more likely to be found hearing the last orders bell, than walking on fells. The list initially started at 33, then after a bit of research grew to 40, which didn’t go down well at the time, but made the achievement even greater for those who completed it.

As things turned out, we enjoyed ourselves so much during the course of 2010 that we now have three extra tick lists and have decide to keep walking through 2011 and beyond. We recommend that if you have a look at this website and find it interesting in any way at all, then get out there and explore for yourself. The rewards are immense, and although we can’t say the going is always easy, it is always worth it no matter how bad the weather. Gone are the days when we would wear trainers and follow printed directions, instead we now have proper walking boots and GPS technology, although we are far from professional, we are improving all the time and as yet we haven’t got lost, so long may that continue.

To be a member of The Rambling Badgers is a highly sought after accolade (honest), and under no circumstances is to be taken lightly. We enjoy our rambling, enjoy a laugh and especially enjoy the beer that follows. Membership to such an elite group is naturally by invite only, but we felt we should share our exploits with the world on this website. If we can influence or inspire anyone to explore our wonderful countryside, then the vast number of hours typing will all have been worth it.

On this site you will find profiles of each member, along with pictures of each individual. Those who have completed the Yorkshire top tick list have given their best and worst moments and each month we “Meet the Badger” as they answer questions on various subjects. There are reports on each of our walks, complete with pictures and videos. Our after walk hostelries are all reviewed, and for a couple of free pints the reviews mysteriously get better! Our tick lists are current, with the dates we first reached the tops, and pictures to prove it. If you like or dislike anything you find, then please contact us using our email address and let us know. We are always open to feedback or willing to answer any questions anyone may have.

We are proof that you are never too old or unfit to get out and enjoy the wonderful countryside of Britain…

Why not try it!


  1. Fran

    Love this blog!!

    1. Sir Edmund

      Hi Fran, Glad you like it and thanks for letting us know. It is always nice to receive a nice comment or feedback 🙂

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