Jan 28 2012

Bulls Head- Castleton

Sat at the end of the Hope valley, in the shadow of Mam Tor, Castleton appeared to offer us plenty of choice for our post-ramble beverage. After a delightful mornings rambling up and around the iconic ‘shivering mountain’, we decided on the Bulls Head, the deciding factor obviously being it was the nearest (we do like walking though, honest!)

The place was busy enough as we walked in, but then Castleton as a whole, is that sort of place, as there are always going to be numerous visitors due to its natural surrounding attractions. The pub is under the breweryship (??) of Robinson’s and they had on draught a couple of wonderful-sounding ales, being Robinson’s Unicorn, and my favourite, Robinson’s Dizzy Blonde! But being on driving duty deprived me of sampling either of these, and our go-to bitter drinker Ramblo, plumped for a Carling darling. As did Sir Edmund… Wu Tang opted for a Hot Chocolate to warm the cockles, which came topped with marshmellows, and it looked good. That little lot set Sir Edmund back just over £11, but he didn’t seem to complain, and we took our place by the open fire, it welcomingly roaring away. Our fellow Badgers opted for the comfy seats at the adjacent table, as we had a good natter about the walk we had just undertaken.

The pub had a good selection on their menu, in addition to a separate sandwich/snacks menu for those wanting a lighter lunchtime bite. As we had eaten whilst at Lords Seat, at the top of Rushup Edge however, we passed up on ordering anything to eat. Lucy decided she wanted to try out the chips, and I think Katie was looking forward to the idea of helping her out! They received a big bowl full, and it looked as though they had certainly received their £2.25 worth in full. But the noise that Katie makes when she eats…my goodness!

The staff were very welcoming, the place was tastefully done out, and was very clean and tidy, the toilets I was assured were very clean and pleasant, and the pub cat (or at least we assumed it was theirs) came over and made itself at home with us. The selection of beers on draught, and food on the menu were both more than ample, and overall it was certainly a pub for the ‘must revisit one day’ list. A thumbs up for this one!

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