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Apr 25 2011

Walk 28: The Herriot Way – Day Four

Keld to Hawes: I awoke on day four to the sound of birds tweeting and lambs bleating as we had slept with the window open and what a fantastic sound to start the day off. I slowly eased myself out of bed to see how I felt, as through the night I had woken feeling sick.

Apr 24 2011

Walk 28: The Herriot Way – Day Three

Reeth to Keld: Day three began with another fine breakfast and we were soon all ready to go. I felt fresh again after another reasonable night’s sleep, it wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t my own bed. I could tell that I had walked for two days as the legs felt used but not achey, my feet on the other hand were causing me more of a problem.

Apr 23 2011

Walk 28: The Herriot Way – Day Two

Aysgarth to Reeth: The sun was shining as I woke on day two of our adventure. Day one had been hot enough for me as I aren’t a massive sun lover so I was hoping today wouldn’t be any hotter.

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Apr 22 2011

Walk 28: The Herriot Way – Day One

Hawes to Aysgarth: The day I had been waiting for had arrived. Today was the day we would begin our first long distance path. Granted it wasn’t the world’s longest walk but it was a new experience to us, and one that would hopefully teach us a lot about ourselves.

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Apr 21 2011

The Herriot Way

Since the Rambling Badgers were created in early 2010 we had discussed the possibility of us doing a long distance path, with the Coast to Coast or Pennine Way being mentioned most frequently. It would be foolish of us to just throw ourselves into a walk that long without at least trying a multi day …

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