Aug 11 2012

Devonshire Arms – Baslow

After a lovely stroll from Bakewell we returned to the car to find there was a music festival on and the place was packed, so instead of chancing a busy pub, we jumped in the car and headed off to find the first one we fancied on the way home. That pub was the Devonshire Arms in Baslow, and it looked nice as we pulled into the car park and spotted some outside tables we would sit at.

No sooner had we set foot in the door we were greeted with a friendly welcome from what we think was the owner/landlord showing us to the bar and asking if we would like to look at the menu. As I am sure anyone who reads these pub reviews will already know, we turned down the food option and went to the bar to order 4 drinks and a couple of packets of crisps which set me back about 15 quid. The food I saw did look good though and the whole place had the feel of somewhere that prides itself on looking good and delivering good food.

We all mentioned it was handy to know should we ever be this way wanting a nice meal but today wasn’t that day. The girls were impressed with the toilets which can’t be said of all the pubs we have visited and as I went back for my second pint I was once again greeted by a smile. All in all it was a lovely place but more of a food place than your spit and sawdust type boozer we generally feel at home with after a walk. The staff were friendly and the place was clean although it wasn’t overly busy I think this was due to the time rather than that be any reflection of service or quality. Just in case I am wrong, why not call in and see for yourself?

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Sir Edmund


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