Mar 29 2014

Druid Inn – Birchover

Druid InnWe had two choice of pub to frequent after our walk from Birchover, but as we had parked in the car park of the Druid Inn we felt it only fair they have our custom. It was a nice spring day and the temperature which felt warm when in the sun and a little cool when in the shade. We wanted a table outside and we were lucky enough to find one of the three table in view available, which was fortunate as inside there was no room at the Inn. Jane bought us all a soft drink and a bowl of chips as a way of thanking Beaky and Ramblo for the lift (I had conveniently forgotten my money). I am not saying the chips were the best we have ever had, but on the day they were just what the doctor order. The staff were polite and the place seemed nice enough during our few minutes inside as we waited to be served. I only got a brief glance at the food as the couple on the next table were served their lunch, and it looked to be plentiful. All in all the Druid Inn seemed to do everything a good pub should do, so there were no complaints from me 🙂

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Sir Edmund

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