Apr 18 2014

Fox & Hounds – West Witton

Fox & Hounds WWThe first walk of our Easter break started and finished at the Fox & Hounds in West Witton. Once changed we headed for the pub and chose to sit outside due to the lovely conditions. There were a few tables outside and as the pub wasn’t busy we bagged the biggest one and relaxed. With our seats secure I headed inside to purchase a few beverages which were certainly well-earned on this particular day. As soon as I stepped through the door I was hit with a wonderful smell of roast dinner or some sort of decent, no nonsense grub. I was a little disappointed to find they had just stopped doing food so the now customary bowl of chips would have to wait for another day. Not to be too downhearted we order some drinks and a few bags of “team” crisps which came to the best part of £17. We did receive a bit of a shock when the gu behind the bar (I presume it was the landlord) said they didn’t take card. For a split second I thought we were in trouble, but we had enough cash and paid the old fashioned way. I think old fashioned just about sums up the Fox & Hounds. There are no mod cons, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t. The service was prompt and the drinks were as they should be and I don’t really look for more than that 🙂

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Sir Edmund

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