Feb 26 2011

Hellifield House – Hellifield

Things were going well, Sir Edmund’s timing had been spot on, and we were back at the cars just after twelve…which meant we could be changed and in a boozer in time for the Swansea-Leeds kick off at 12.45

Having done research in advance, unfortunately none of the Malham pubs had Sky Sports, so the nearest spot was the Conistone Hotel at Conistone Cold. So we gets there just in time for kick off, to find we were gatecrashing a wedding. The happy couple didn’t appear too happy to have us come in and put the football on, so we had to find a plan B urgently!

Next place along the A65 was Hellifield, and so G was despatched there to find somewhere with the football on, and we would follow with Roger once he caught up with us.

G came up trumps and so the Hellifield House became our hostelry of choice…nice and clean, with a big old TV showing the football, although Leeds were already 1-0 down on our belated arrival. Lagers on tap were Carlsberg and Tuborg, and Tuborg got the vote, and a decent tipple it was too. Sir Edmund carried on his trend of paying, so couldnt comment on drink prices. Food wise however, Steak Pie, Chips and Mushy Peas was a winner with most of us, and was very reasonable at £5.25 for a good sized serving. (Certainly better than the prospect of a £10 sandwich at the Conistone…)

All in all, the Heiilfield House was a great place, ticked all our boxes, well all except the football result, but hey can’t have everything…

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