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Hill Bagging Lists

All our primary bagging lists revolve around hills. Once we'd completed the original challenge of visiting all the Yorkshire Tops we began to extend our reach to include the Peak District and also the Lake District, both National Parks being within fairly easy reach of us.

Below you will find a link to the tick lists we currently have on going. Simply click the relevant picture to see our progress.

The Yorkshire Tops

This was our initial list and one that grew from 33 peaks to 40 peaks after some research. The peaks included are all above 2000ft and at some point have been within the boundaries of Yorkshire or The Yorkshire Dales. When compiling lists such as these I found that there are no hard and fast...


The Peak District Tops

After various trips into the Yorkshire Dales we though it silly that we hadn't explored any of the Peak District as it is no further for us to travel. We have therefore decided to create another tick list to give us a reason (not that we need one) to explore all that Britain's oldest National...