Apr 05 2014

Ladybower Inn – Bamford

Ladybower InnWith a very enjoyable stroll to Back Tor completed we returned to the Ladybower Inn for our post walk pint. As the others tried to get dried off and change (in the rain) I wandered across the road to see the pubs policy on muddy walkers etc. Good news, I couldn’t see anything about walkers not being welcome. Bad news, no dogs except guide dogs. This did threaten to disrupt our usual routine and we discussed driving home and calling at the next pub we found, but there was no guarantee they would accept dogs so it seemed like a big risk. In the end Ramblo offered, very generously, to wait in the car with Izzy as the rest of us nipped in for a quick pint. I offered to buy her a takeout but she politely declined and after I had flashed my stripy boxers shorts as I changed into dry shorts (much to Graham’s amusement) we headed for a beer.

As with lots of pubs in the Peak District (especially in popular areas) it was busy inside and we sat next to the bar. I bought a round consisting of a pint of Carling, a Coors, a Guinness and a pint and a half of diet Coke, plus two bags of crisps which all cost £16 something. I can’t decide if that is expensive or not, as I am out of practice with going boozing often. I don’t have too much to talk about really as I never moved from the bar but the place seemed busy and was obviously more of a food pub rather than a drinkers one, but that will be due to its location. There are no houses nearby and therefore no locals to stroll through the doors. I prefer the more traditional drinkers country pubs, having said that, it was a busy place so it must be doing something right and didn’t do anything to dissuade me from going back. Next time it is somebody else round though 🙂

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