Jun 08 2013

Walk 65 – Leeds/Liverpool Canal Challenge

65th Walk 1

No caption required really. Leeds was a very long way from here

route: gargrave to leeds via skipton, bingley & rodley – Leeds/Liverpool Canal
Date: 8th jun 2013
distance: 34 miles (gargrave), 30 miles (skipton), 16 miles (bingley)
ascent: ???? feet
time: various – see below
walkers: charlie, chris, chris snr, claire, danny, darran, dave, david, dean, graham, holly, jamie, janet, jill, jimmy, karen, lisa, lucy, marc, matty, nicki, paul, sara, simon & tony

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65th Walk 2

Mulling around at the start line

65th Walk 3

The team shot of the 17 starters from Gargrave. The one person missing… me

65th Walk 4

As we set off the two runners (Jimmy & Danny) soon disappeared from view

65th Walk 5

Finally underway and we had somewhere in the region of 12 – 13 hours walking in front of us

65th Walk 6

No more than 200 yards in and Sherpa G- String has a problem with the very first gate

65th Walk 7

Very apt

65th Walk 8

The Rambling Badgers and friends head towards Skipton

65th Walk 9

Small gaps started to form as we began to stretch our legs

65th Walk 10

A homemade sign in a lovely little garden.

65th Walk 11

The support team and the two walkers tackling the 30 mile challenge from Skipton

65th Walk 12

Skipton canal basin

65th Walk 13

65th Walk 14

65th Walk 15

The first of only half a dozen barges we saw moving

65th Walk 16

This heron flew to the opposite bank as I approached

65th Walk 17

65th Walk 18

Not really a day for sight seeing but Tony spent a short while here

The reason for the walk was to raise money for five worthwhile charities

The reason for the walk was to raise money for five worthwhile charities

65th Walk 19

The first check point at Kildwick

65th Walk 20

More walkers arrive at Kildwick

65th Walk 21

Time for a short break and change of socks

65th Walk 22

G, Charlie & Janet arrive

65th Walk 23

Matty Boy & Vidal soak up the sun

65th Walk 24

When refuelled, each walker signed out and set off for Bingley

65th Walk 25

65th Walk 26

Looking back towards Kildwick

65th Walk 27

Note to Vidal: when answering the call of nature remember to check both ways

65th Walk 28

Beaky didn’t seem too concerned by the prospect of trolls

65th Walk 29

After 15 miles Izzy the dog began to limp, so Holly carried her

65th Walk 30

Matty Boy takes his turn to carry the dog, who was collected in near Riddlesden

65th Walk 31

By now we were just about half way

65th Walk 32

The first arrivals at Bingley, and the first sign of discomfort

65th Walk 33

Lunch time

65th Walk 34

Lisa (left) and Karen (right) were starting from Bingley and joined Jill & Claire

65th Walk 35

Vidal & Matty Boy reach check point 2 at Bingley Five Rise Locks

65th Walk 36

Wu Tang checked every walker in and out

65th Walk 37

Charlie & G

65th Walk 38

Janet followed a few seconds later

65th Walk 39

Holly & Beaky arrive at Bingley

65th Walk 40

New pairs of socks as well as refreshments from the support team

65th Walk 41

Blister prevention

65th Walk 42

Blister treatment

65th Walk 43

Bingley Five Rise Locks from the top

65th Walk 44

A view of the locks from the bottom

65th Walk 45

Looking back to Dowley Gap Locks from the bridge which is the one and only time we crossed the canal. From now on the canal would be on our right.

65th Walk 46

A short rest en route

65th Walk 47

We now had under 10 miles to go

65th Walk 48

Tony, Janet, Charlie, G & Marc enjoy a breather

65th Walk 49

65th Walk 50

65th Walk 51

Darran & Sara were the first to reach Rodley after starting from Bingley

65th Walk 52

Paul leads Dean & Chris Snr towards Leeds for the last 6 miles

65th Walk 53

The second wave of walkers arrive at Rodley

65th Walk 54

28 miles done for Beaky & Holly

65th Walk 55

Wu Tang came to meet me, Vidal and Matty with a bottle of water for each of us.

65th Walk 56

Chris & Lucy reached Rodley but were unable to carry on due to injury

65th Walk 58

Finally, after more than 12 hours the view we wanted to see

65th Walk 59

The finish line was now in sight

65th Walk 60

Charlie, G & Tony complete in 12 hours 23 minutes

65th Walk 61

Janet finishes in front of Marc in 12hrs 25mins

65th Walk 62

12hrs 34mins for Beaky & Holly

65th Walk 63

Vidal & Matty Boy finished with me after 13hrs 13 mins

65th Walk 65

Jill, Lisa and Claire reached the pub at 8:55pm and thus completing a wonderful day

Finish times

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