Jul 03 2010

Walk 12: All Aboard

Wild Boar Fell

route: sails, swarth fell & wild boar fell from angerholme
Date: 3rd july 2010
distance: 11.8 miles
ascent: 2,978 feet
time: 8 hrs
walkers: carol, dave, graham, leanne, roger, sandra & simon

It had been three weeks since we last walked, but we would be making up for it this weekend as we had a B&B booked, and we were doing four peaks over two days. I felt very excited as we found a place to park along the B6259 and climbed out of the car into glorious sunshine. The plan for today, was to do Sails, Swarth Fell and Wild Boar Fell, before heading to The Black Bull in Nateby for some food and a few beers. This added something extra to the whole proceedings as on all previous walks we had headed home afterwards. It was our first dual walk weekend too, so there would be some kind of questions answered, with regards to stiffness of the legs etc, although to be honest I didn’t ache anymore after our walks. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 12 2010

The Tan Hill Inn – Tan Hill

The equation was pretty simple. It was day two of the football world cup, and Water Crag was one of the extra peaks Sir Edmund had shoe-horned onto the list. So, get up there nice and early, scale the peak, get back, then watch endless football.

There would however be no time for a drink today. That was the plan. However, our starting point, which would be a suitable side-of-the-road spot on the road up to Tan Hill Inn Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 12 2010

Walk 11: Walking On Water

Looking South East towards Water Crag

route: water crag from tan hill
Date: 12th june 2010
distance: 5.5 miles
ascent: 696 feet
time: 3 hrs 30 mins
walkers: carol, dave, graham, leanne, sandra & simon

Today began with the long drive up to Tan Hill for the twentieth peak on our list, Water Crag. When I put together the initial list of peaks, it wasn’t even included, but as I researched a little more I felt this, along with Knoutberry Haw, Sails, Birks Fell, Bush Howe, Fountains Fell South Top and Green Hill should be included. The only difference with this particular peak was the fact we would have to plan an extra walk in just for this. All the others had been included with existing plans. Water Crag would have been ideal to do at the same time as Rogan’s Seat, but that had already been done back in February so another long journey was on the cards. After a brief mix up with meeting arrangements in Reeth, we finally found each other (as we didn’t have phone signals) on the road that heads through Arkengarthdale, from Reeth to Tan Hill. We parked up within a hundred yards of the famous Tan Hill Inn and began to prepare. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 06 2010

The George Inn – Hubberholme

A pleasant ramble up Yockenthwaite Moor, coupled with some bog-hopping once up top, was followed by a couple of jars in the George.

Now Hubberholme doesn’t have much… the George, a river, a farm, a peak scooting off up to its right, erm, erm, well that’s all we required of Hubberholme anyway, so it was ideal.

For a hamlet so small, the George looked like a huge building from the outside. It was a bit of a reverse tardis as it transpired, once inside, it was all a bit squashed really. That aside, despite being busy catering for numerous Sunday-lunchers, service was prompt and we took up residence on a corner table in the room up from the bar area.

The beers flowed freely enough for us to squeeze an extra round in, and in these quaint surroundings, it was a case of absolutely, why ever not! The food being served smelled lovely although we didn’t eat here. Sir Edmund did the honours at the bar (about time I say) so cannot comment on the bar prices. And as Sir Edmund’s Dad came along this time too, he generously got in the extra round. Good man!

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Jun 06 2010

Walk 10: One Moor Off The List


route: yockenthwaite moor from hubberholme
Date: 6th june 2010
distance: 5.4 miles
ascent: 1,552 feet
time: 3 hrs 30 mins
walkers: dave, john, leanne, sandra & simon

As a rule I don’t have more than 2 beers the night before a walk but this time was an exception. I had been at a bbq at my mum and dad’s the night before so as I woke, I had to check my head and make sure all was intact. The reason I had been there was to see my dad, who had confirmed he would attend this walk. As he isn’t a walker, he spent the evening trying to borrow a rucksack, hat, waterproofs, and other bits and bobs from various family and friends in attendance. At least I know where I get my meticulous preparation skills from. Fortunately, everyone was free from hangovers, and up for the first Sunday walk we had done since the very first excursion back in February. We parked up over the bridge from The George in Hubberholme and were soon on our way. Read the rest of this entry »