Apr 17 2010

The Moorcock Inn – Garsdale Head

Today’s peaks had us scaling Mallerstang Edge, and as Outhgill hasn’t a pub, we drove back down the B6259 to the Moorcock Inn, at the junction with the A684 (Sedbergh to Hawes road).

After fighting our way through the stubborn front door, ales were purchased and a small table at the other side of the door was selected, as it had the sun beaming through the adjacent front window. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 17 2010

Walk 6: Ramblin’ ‘n’ Scramblin’

Mallerstang Edge from Outhgill

route: high seat, archy styrigg (gregory chapel) & hugh seat from outhgill
Date: 17th april 2010
distance: 6.4 miles
ascent: 1,722 feet
time: 5 hrs
walkers: carol, dave, graham, leanne, sandra & simon

We are all proud Yorkshire men and women, apart from Wu Tang who is a proud honorary Yorkshire woman. Today however we weren’t starting in God’s own County, as we had passed the sign for Cumbria a little way back down the road. To be honest things looked exactly the same in Cumbria as they do in Yorkshire. Quaint little villages of stone buildings lining the tight roads and green fields full of lambs, the whole area is so beautiful. We arrived in the little village of Outhgill and found a little layby to leave the car. As we were getting ready for the off we spotted a middle aged guy walking his dog towards us. I was just about to greet him with the usual “morning”, when he blurted out “can’t park there it’s somebody’s drive” in a very blunt and rude manor. We didn’t react to it, instead choosing to move the car to the grass verge opposite the phone box. We may not be perfect but we wouldn’t park somewhere we shouldn’t, and in our opinion all it needed was a sign to those non villagers or a polite word. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 02 2010

The Fountain – Hawes

The descent from Wether Fell had seen the first bit of poor weather of our walks to date, however as we had only just entered April, there were no complaints on that score. And entering Market Place in Hawes, we were delighted to find a choice of three boozers, all next door to each other!

Passing up the opportunity to frequent either The Old Board Inn, or The Crown, no exact science was used to declare The Fountain Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 02 2010

Walk 5: What’s The Wether Like?

Drumaldrace (Wether Fell) as seen from Dodd Fell

route: dodd fell & drumaldrace (wether fell) from hawes
Date: 2nd april 2010
distance: 11.3 miles
ascent: 1,872 feet
time: 6 hrs 30 mins
walkers: becka, carol, dave, graham, leanne, mick, roger, sandra & simon

It was Good Friday when we set out for our fifth walk. I had purposely chosen the Friday rather than any other day over the long weekend that Easter brings, because it would enable us to enjoy the rest of the weekend with the walking done, rather than be wary of it coming half way through the weekend. As much as we were enjoying the walks we also liked our social lives and I was conscious of finding the correct balance. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 27 2010

The Wheatsheaf – Ingleton

As today’s walk had exceeded the estimated mileage by some distance, the boozer couldn’t come soon enough!

Having already driven through Ingleton earlier, it was pre-determined that The Wheatsheaf would be the order of the day. A sizeable pub, they were doing a decent trade when we entered and as the ladies nudged some good folk aside to snare a table, and perhaps more importantly, a backrest, the chaps were happy to make do with stools at the bar. Read the rest of this entry »