Feb 15 2014

The Old Horns Inn – High Bradfield

The Old Horns Inn
The Old Horns Inn was my light at the end of a very wet, windy and cold tunnel after horrendous weather conditions on a walk from High Bradfield. Inside it seemed quite large but this can’t be confirmed as we sat at the first seats we came across once through the door. Safely positioned near the bar and under the TV which was showing Sky Sports News we enjoyed our post ramble beverages. Graham bought the drinks while I nipped to the loo, so I can’t comment on value for money but I can confirm I walloped of my half of diet coke then savoured my pint of Kronenbourg whilst munching on some crisps. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 15 2014

Walk 75 – Over The Edge

Over The Edge

route: kirk edge & emlin ridge from high bradfield
Date: 15th february 2014
distance: 7 miles
ascent: 1370 feet
time: 2 hrs 50 mins
walkers: dave, graham & simon

It was obvious that the weather was going to be a big factor in how enjoyable today’s walk was as the mere sight of the previous night’s forecast had already whittled down the attendees from an initial 11 to a paltry 3. Those three hardy souls were Beaky, Sherpa G-String and me, Sir Edmund Badger. It is fair to say that when we reached our destination in High Bradfield and stepped out of the car that all three of us questioned what on earth we were doing, if only for a split second. The wind was blowing a gale and the rain was only just a notch below frozen which meant every drop that slapped into my face stung for a few seconds afterwards. We checked the map and planned for all eventualities, including where we may cut the walk short should we feel the need to abandon. We don’t like to admit defeat but not at the expense of our safety and common sense is normally applied, apart from my choice of shorts 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 01 2014

Walk 74 – Leeds Country Way Part 9 – Carlton to West Ardsley

Leeds Country Way 9

route: carlton to west ardsley
Date: 1st february 2014
distance: 7.6 miles
ascent: 635 feet
time: 3 hrs 30 mins
walkers: charlie, dave, graham, jane, joseph, karen, katie, lyla, sandra & simon

Our ninth and penultimate stretch of the Leeds Country Way saw the return of some familiar faces from past Badger walks as well as a new face. Sherpa G-String and Charlie were in attendance for the first time since our 34 mile sponsored canal walk last June, but it had been just over two years since Katie joined us. She was in attendance for the first time since our visit to Mam Tor back in 2012 but this time had an extra little face along with her too, that little face belongs to Lyla 🙂 The team shot was taken by Carol who unfortunately is no closer to a return to action after nearly 3 years off with foot, knee and back troubles. It was nice to see her and we said goodbye (until we met in the pub afterwards) before heading off on our way through Carlton. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 25 2014

Royal Hotel – Dungworth

Royal HotelI had contacted the Royal Hotel during the week prior to our walk to check if we were ok to leave our cars there whilst walking. From the very first reply I could sense they were nice and they even warned us of a pheasant shoot starting from Rod Moor trig point, which was our aim. With this information in mind we began our walk a little earlier to avoid the shoot which in turn meant we were back just in time for opening (perfect timing :-)) The sign on the door welcomed walkers but not their mud which is more than fair and we entered having changed in the car park so we ticked that box. My first impressions was that it was a little rough and ready or should I say it wasn’t trying to be anything other than a traditional country pub, just the way I like them. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 25 2014

Walk 73 – Rod’s Gift

Rods Gift

route: rod moor from dungworth
Date: 25th january 2014
distance: 6.3 miles
ascent: 880 feet
time: 2 hrs 50 mins
walkers: abigail, dave, leanne, sandra & simon

Dungworth would be the start point for our first visit to the Peak District in 2014. Under normal circumstances we would have had a leisurely start but today we were in a bit of a rush. I had emailed the pub earlier in the week to ask if we were ok to leave our cars while we went off in search of Rod Moor trig point. The reply confirmed we were fine to leave the vehicles but also mentioned that there was a pheasant shoot at 10am starting from the trig point. After careful consideration it was decided we would move our start time from 9am to 8.40am giving us chance to get to the trig first. Obviously the playground theory of we were here first would be applied and they would have to wait for us to leave. Read the rest of this entry »