Sep 09 2013

2014 Calendar – Available To Order Now

Images show above are from the 2013 calendar

Images shown above are from the 2013 calendar


Last was the first year we put together a calendar to help raise money for our usual five charities of choice; Cancer Research, British Hear Foundation, Mind, Stroke Association and the premature baby unit at the Leeds General Infirmary. After a bit of arm twisting, guilt tripping and other forms of gentle manipulation we managed to raise nearly £500, which isn’t bad considering we had never entertained the idea before. For 2014 we are going to stick with the same formula and hope that we can raise another fantastic amount.

As last year they are priced at £5 for an A4 and £7.50 for an A3 version. We will happily post them for an extra £2.50 (postage will be reduced for multiple calendars)

If you would like to pre-order a calendar please either post below or contact us on 
The Rambling Badgers

Aug 31 2013

Walk 68 – Leeds Country Way Part 5 – Bardsey to Barwick in Elmet

Leeds Country Way 5

route: bardsey to barwick in elemet
Date: 31st august 2013
distance: 5.6 miles
ascent: 520 feet
time: 2 hrs 15 mins
walkers: abigail, dave, karen, leanne, sandra & simon

It had only been a week since our last walk but it was nearly two months since we did any of the Leeds Country Way. Earlier on in the year I had been wondering how much I enjoyed this circular route around my home town. It wasn’t that I disliked it, merely that I would much rather have been out in the Dales somewhere instead, but I found myself looking forward to the next stretch of the route. There is no doubting that it has been a life saver this year with us now having young Snail to think about. The short travel time work well and the walks can be split in sections that suit us, rather than be dictated to by the countryside. All in all I have enjoyed it so far and would certainly recommend it to anyone in the Leeds area.
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Aug 24 2013

Walk 67 – The Unknown Ramble

Unknown Ramble

route: whernside from ribblehead
Date: 24th august 2013
distance: 8.3 miles
ascent: 1589 feet
time: 4 hrs 25 mins
walkers: abigail, dave, leanne, sandra & simon

For one reason or another we hadn’t been walking for over a month, and as such we decided to plan a last minute walk. The thing was, the weather looked decidedly dodgy all over northern England, and with Snail in tow, we have to be a little more selective with our choices. The usual walk selecting method involves deciding where and when we are going a few weeks prior to the walk and letting all Badgers know. Each one then decides if they fancy it and are available, then simply turn up and the pre-determined start time/point. This walk would be different, as it was mentioned a walk would take place, but the location and meet point wouldn’t be decided until late Friday evening to give us chance to pick the best of the weather. I don’t want us to become fair weather ramblers as we never have been previously, but with a young Badger I don’t feel it is fair to subject her to some of the conditions we quite happily (in some cases) put ourselves through. If Snail doesn’t come, Wu Tang also doesn’t come and she enjoys it as much as I enjoy having her there. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 06 2013

Walk 66 – Leeds Country Way Part 4 – Golden Acre Park to Bardsey

LCW Part 4

route: golden acre park to bardsey
Date: 6th july 2013
distance: 8.5 miles
ascent: 543 feet
time: 3 hrs 50 mins
walkers: abigail, dave, leanne, sandra & simon

It had been a month since our last walk, and I had needed that time to let my feet recover after the 34 mile epic along the canal. My big blister had subsided and I had removed all the excess skin from my little toe, taking my toe nail with it at the same time. I had also lost the middle nail on my left foot, and my big toe on my right foot was black, and going to come off at some point. Basically the canal walk had given my feet a severe bashing, but I was now happy to get out again as we looked to continue our journey around Leeds. The weather was set fair and we were in for a great day out. Today would also be the first time we would try Snail in her ruck sack carrier thingy. She didn’t bother as we lifted her in and as I put her on my back she was smiling obviously enjoying life from 6 feet up.
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Jun 08 2013

Walk 65 – Leeds/Liverpool Canal Challenge

65th Walk 1

No caption required really. Leeds was a very long way from here

route: gargrave to leeds via skipton, bingley & rodley – Leeds/Liverpool Canal
Date: 8th jun 2013
distance: 34 miles (gargrave), 30 miles (skipton), 16 miles (bingley)
ascent: ???? feet
time: various – see below
walkers: charlie, chris, chris snr, claire, danny, darran, dave, david, dean, graham, holly, jamie, janet, jill, jimmy, karen, lisa, lucy, marc, matty, nicki, paul, sara, simon & tony

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