Jan 25 2014

Royal Hotel – Dungworth

Royal HotelI had contacted the Royal Hotel during the week prior to our walk to check if we were ok to leave our cars there whilst walking. From the very first reply I could sense they were nice and they even warned us of a pheasant shoot starting from Rod Moor trig point, which was our aim. With this information in mind we began our walk a little earlier to avoid the shoot which in turn meant we were back just in time for opening (perfect timing :-)) The sign on the door welcomed walkers but not their mud which is more than fair and we entered having changed in the car park so we ticked that box. My first impressions was that it was a little rough and ready or should I say it wasn’t trying to be anything other than a traditional country pub, just the way I like them.

We ordered drinks and sat down to look at the food menu. It seemed a little small (in options not size) but what there was sounded nice and none of us had trouble choosing anything. Personally it was steak and kidney pie and lovely it was too. My esteemed colleagues let me have the badger place mat which is always a bonus. The service was good and the general hospitality was friendly and made us feel welcome. This couldn’t be more obvious than when settling the £36 bill and only having £35 on me I asked Beaky for a quid, to be told don’t worry about it, by the landlord. The Royal Hotel in Dungworth certainly wasn’t the poshest place you could ever visit but it may well be one of the friendliest 🙂

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Sir Edmund

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