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Mar 15 2014

Walk 77 – Harry Up!

Mill Hill, Harry Hut & Lantern Pike from Hayfield: I was pretty sure that today was going to remind me very much of the good old days of 2010. Back then we walked for hours, climbed thousands of feet and returned tired but in a good way.

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Mar 01 2014

Walk 76 – Calved On Stone

Ox Stones from Bents Green: Two weeks earlier, the weather had been so bad that only three Badgers braved our walk from High Bradfield. Fast forward two weeks, the weather was set fair and the numbers were back up with 12 in attendance.

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Feb 15 2014

Walk 75 – Over The Edge

Kirk Edge & Emlin Ridge from High Bradfield: It was obvious that the weather was going to be a big factor in how enjoyable today’s walk was as the mere sight of the previous night’s forecast had already whittled down the attendees from an initial 11 to a paltry 3.

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Feb 01 2014

Walk 74 – Leeds Country Way Part 9 – Carlton to West Ardsley

Carlton to West Ardsley:Our ninth and penultimate stretch of the Leeds Country Way saw the return of some familiar faces from past Badger walks as well as a new face.

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Jan 25 2014

Walk 73 – Rod’s Gift

Rod Moor from Dungworth: Dungworth would be the start point for our first visit to the Peak District in 2014. Under normal circumstance we would have had a leisurely start but today we were in a bit of a rush.

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