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Feb 01 2014

Walk 74 – Leeds Country Way Part 9 – Carlton to West Ardsley

Carlton to West Ardsley:Our ninth and penultimate stretch of the Leeds Country Way saw the return of some familiar faces from past Badger walks as well as a new face.

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Jan 25 2014

Walk 73 – Rod’s Gift

Rod Moor from Dungworth: Dungworth would be the start point for our first visit to the Peak District in 2014. Under normal circumstance we would have had a leisurely start but today we were in a bit of a rush.

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Jan 11 2014

Walk 72 – Leeds Country Way Part 8 – Woodlesford to Carlton

Woodlesford to Carlton: I had missed the last leg of our LCW journey because of illness prior to Christmas. On that day I was wrapped up in bed with some sort of chest infection/cold/flu or to give it the correct term “man flu”.

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Dec 29 2013

Walk 71 – We Whit You A Merry Christmas

Whitwell Moor from Midhopestones: I had missed the last walk due to some sort of “man” flu or something so I was raring to go by the time we pulled up in Midhopestones. As I switched off the engine I could see Beaky and Ramblo were already togged up ready to go.

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Dec 15 2013

Walk 70 – Leeds Country Way Part 7 – Garforth to Woodlesford

Garforth to Woodlesford: XX

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