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Aug 11 2012

Walk 53: Moor or Lees

Calton Pasture & Lees Moor from Bakewell: We had initially planned to begin this walk from Rowsley but after careful consideration it was decided that we should start from Bakewell instead. The reason for this was simple, Wu Tang said so, and being a considerate husband I listened and swiftly knocked a couple of miles off the route.

Jul 29 2012

Walk 52: Short & (S)Weet

Calton & The Weets from Airton: Our first walk after Trailtrekker had been a relaxed affair, but one which was very satisfying in many ways. Just to be out and about was great and the fact we were back in the swing of things fantastic. Today we were returning to the Yorkshire Dales for a little stroll from Airton.

Jul 14 2012

Walk 51: A Long Time Coming

Longstone Moor & Wardlow from Monsal Head: It had been 7 weeks since our Trailtrekker adventure and after giving ourselves a little time off we felt now was the right time to begin our walking once again.

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May 26 2012

Walk 50: Trailtrekker 2012 – Sherpa G-String

5.30pm Friday soon comes around and it’s time to head for Skipton. A quick stop at Beaky’s to pick up the mini bus and then over to Dave & Leanne’s, then Skipton here we come!

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May 26 2012

Walk 50: Trailtrekker 2012 – Wu Tang

To be honest, this sounds as though it’s going to be a very negative write up and it won’t be – I can assure you of that, but this event has taken over my life for the last 6 months and to be honest, I am quite drained by it…

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