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May 26 2012

Walk 50: Trailtrekker 2012 – The Flying Stick

As I threw my rucksack into the boot and climbed aboard the transit van on Friday night I realised this was going to be a major test, and it was with trepidation that I arrived at the travel lodge in Skipton. I still remembered how hard I found the 40 mile section we did a month before…

May 26 2012

Walk 50: Trailtrekker 2012 – Beaky

Well Sir Edmund had come up with the idea, or so I thought (but it turned out to be G!), of walking the Oxfam Trailtrekker 2012. My initial thoughts to be honest, when sat in the confines of The Greyhound, on a cosy January evening, with a considered approach, were that it all seemed like a bit of a doddle really…

May 26 2012

Walk 50: Trailtrekker 2012 – Sir Edmund

For the week before Trailtrekker I found my mood changing from one of optimism and confidence to one of worry or in truth probably scared. It didn’t mean to say I didn’t think it was possible but as the day approached the enormity of the task was impossible to avoid and everything began to become crystal clear…

Apr 21 2012

Walk 49: Let’s Get Ready to Ramble – Part 2

Horton in Ribblesdale to Skipton: There was just over a month to Trailtrekker and it had been the plan for some time for us to do the rest of the route to complete our main training. Sure we would all keep active in the meantime but this walk of all but 40 miles would be the maximum distance we would cover prior to the event.

Apr 08 2012

Walk 48: Kings & Queens of the Castle

Castle Crag from Rosthwaite: Day three of our “Wainwright weekend” began at a more relaxed pace than the first two days. The reason for this was more to do with the agreement made the previous night that we would take stock in the morning, rather than the late start be forced on us due to hangovers.