Apr 27 2011

The Black Bull – Reeth

The Black Bull was our overnight accommodation but to us it was more than that, it was a pub too. We had a couple of drinks the moment we stopped walking but then we collected our bags and went up to get showered and changed. I came back down to find the team sat outside on one of the numerous benches outside.

The one they were sat on seemed the most stable but a few of the others, including the one we had used earlier were just about ready to collapse. At one point I wound up one of the locals who chose not to hear me say “excuse me” three times but suddenly decided to give me a mouthful when I squeezed past him hardly touching him. That said, it was a friendly type of place and one where I could imagine myself sat for a few hours with a group as we all got slowly drunk. It was more a case of spit and sawdust than elegant decor but that is how I like it to be.

Pubs should feel like they have history rather than the big chains with fancy furniture. After a couple of drinks outside we went off to get food and returned later on. The girls went to bed and the four boys sat down stairs and had a cheeky nightcap. Roger decided that he would stick some tunes on the juke box although i use the word tunes very loosely. I was itching for a game of pool on the table nearby but nobody else seemed too bother so I left it alone. There was also a dartboard up in the top section where we sat due to lack of seats near the bar. All in all the Black Bull was a typical country pub. A little run down in places but the atmosphere compensated for that in my opinion.

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Sir Edmund


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