Apr 28 2011

The Buck Hotel – Reeth

After completion of day 2 of our Herriot Way adventure, we all looked dead on our feet as we headed into Reeth, but after checking in at our accommodation and freshening up, we were ready for a few jars again. Reeth had a number of options, not the usual in Dales villages which normally host just the one pub, however Reeth is a decent size, and thus we had a choice, and plumped for the Buck Hotel, prominent at the top left of the vast village green, overlooking pretty much the whole village. Upon entering, it was clear we had happened again upon a popular place, and although this was a bank holiday weekend, I got the feeling Reeth was a busy place all year round.

As such, as we planned to have something to eat in addition to a few beverages, it seemed we may be disappointed as we squeezed in at the bar to get served. Fear not, to say it was busy, we were served right away, and the barman informed us he would get us seated for eating “out the back”. Again fears were soon dispelled, as there was a function room which housed numerous tables out the back, and we were indeed seated right away!

Drinks wise, all I could tell you was that they had Strongbow on draught…Sir Edmund’s good lady (Lady Edmund? Lady Badger? Lady Wu Tang?) did the honours, and I was so thirsty I could only concentrate on my own. After that, the next few rounds of drinks went on the food bill, so I couldn’t really comment on the pricing.

Not sure about the ladies having to dance in their toilets to keep the lights on, but my impression of the Buck was all positive!

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We wandered to The Buck Hotel for our evening meal in Reeth. It was very busy and cosy. The very polite man behind the bar said that he could sort us out a table if we didn’t mind sitting in the back room. We ordered drink and before we had all been served we were called to our table. We ordered pizzas mainly, which were gorgeous, but we were unable to eat it all (tired from the day). The staff kindly boxed the remaining pizza for us to take away. Choice of desserts was a little weird though with Roger choosing hot ginger sponge topped with lime sorbet (see above). It was a shame, but the room we ate in had partitions that looked like garden fencing which had plastic flowers interwoven along the top of them, strange…


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