Apr 26 2011

The George And Dragon – Aysgarth

Following day one of our Herriot Way adventure, 13 miles on from Hawes, we were delighted to find that our B&B for the evening, The Cornlee, was the first building we happened across on arriving in Aysgarth. Better still, the second building we happened across, just over the road, was our chosen watering hole, The George & Dragon.

After a quick soak of the smoking feet, we sauntered over the road, to sink a few beverages. The heat from earlier in the day had began to subside, so the sizeable beer garden was ruled out in favour of staying indoors. Upon entering the bar however, it became apparent, that The George & Dragon was a popular place, and seats in the bar area were at a premium (well to be honest they were all taken). To be fair there were only a few tables in addition to the bar stools, but we were pleased to be informed that there was a further seating area in the residents bar, at the back of the main bar. Again this was quite small, but the two free tables were ample to for us to occupy for a couple of hours, enabling us to sink a few, and to fit in a few rounds of cards.

And speaking of sinking a few, the bar had plenty to offer. Thatchers cider, Black Sheep bitter, Theakstons bitter, in addition to the usual suspects on the lager front. Pricewise, was around £3.20 a pint, the only disappointment being that a lager shandy was charged at the same price as a lager…this always surprises me, as although it shouldn’t have to, it does nothing to dissuade the potential for drink driving. Seeing as they had a thriving restaurant section, and that they had accomodation facilities, in addition to a lot of village clientele, maybe they didnt have to dissuade this as everyone was either staying there or very close by.

On the whole, it was a good place to have a drink, the staff were very attentive and most importantly…Sir Edmund discovered the landlord was Leeds fan!!

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After our first days walking we ate at the George and Dragon. The pub was very busy, which was promising – as Beaky says, people vote with their feet. It was cosy and the food was excellent. I had the lovely tempura prawns to start and then salmon and spinach en croute with a cream and prawn sauce, which was very tasty. Others had fish and chips, a massive portion of fish and chips, venison and pork loin. All fantastic.



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