Aug 20 2011

The Helwith Bridge – Helwith Bridge

We had spotted the Helwith Bridge during our walk and we debated whether to stop for a quick pint en route, choosing not to for fear of us never leaving. As we neared the end of the walk in Horton, L’Autobus suggested that instead of going into a pub we had been in many times we try somewhere new, so we jumped in the car and visited the lovely looking pub we passed earlier.

Appearances from the outside were one thing but inside it was a little dated which you come to expect from a pub in the middle of nowhere. A couple of locals were stood at the bar drinking bitter next to a roaring log fire even though it was a really warm day.

I had a sneaky peak into a room adjoining the bar and found a dartboard complete with 4 darts and a DJ booth that looked like it belonged in the 1960’s (it probably did). We ordered some drinks and decided to share a couple of bowls of the “Gourmet Chunky Chips” little knowing the effect they would have on a certain member of the team. Everything was going wonderfully well as we sat outside watching the odd walker going past (I mean one or two not a strange one) and then the chips arrived.

There was clearly offence taken by Ramblo to the fact they were advertising “Gourmet Chunky Chips” and they appeared to be frozen chips or some mass manufactured potato. Personally I thought they did the job but I can understand how others can feel cheated. We had another drink before we headed home and we won’t be in any rush to head back. Personally that isn’t because of “chipgate” but rather I doubt we will be passing any time soon

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Sir Edmund


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