Apr 21 2011

The Herriot Way

Since the Rambling Badgers were created in early 2010 we had discussed the possibility of us doing a long distance path, with the Coast to Coast or Pennine Way being mentioned most frequently. It would be foolish of us to just throw ourselves into a walk that long without at least trying a multi day walk slightly smaller in scale to see if we are suited to the daily routine. The Herriot way seemed like a perfect choice as it would take 4 days to cover the 50 miles or so, enabling us to find out if we liked living out of B&B’s and if we felt that we were capable of bigger walks in future. The links below document various aspects of our experience and should give a good account of what happened when the Rambling Badgers walked the Herriot Way.


Day One
Hawes to Aysgarth
Day Two
Aysgarth to Reeth
Day Three
Reeth to Keld
Day Four
Keld to Hawes

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