Feb 26 2012

The Maypole Inn – Long Preston

Right I’ll be honest, we must have passed the Maypole situated on the A65 dozens of times en route to numerous walks in the Yorkshire Dales, and I, somewhat unobservantly, have never noticed it. However today, we were walking from the small village of Long Preston, and as such got parked up pretty much outside the pub door, which is always a plus for Sir Edmund, come the end of each walk.

And so, as night follows day, pub followed walk, and in we went…tap room or lounge was the first conundrum, tap room it was. And it was empty, everyone was in the lounge bar, with the usual smattering of locals lining up at the bar. Never to mind, in the tap room (which I am herein officially renaming the Badgers room) we were treated to our own dart board, which pleased Sir Edmund, and our own roaring open fire, which pleased L’Autobus!

Sir Edmund managed to dupe the Flying Stick into doing the honours at the bar, and four pops, a pint of Fosters, and a pint of Fullers London Pride (along with a couple of packets of snacks) set him back just over £15. I must be getting old, I think that’s a tad steep, but I guess these are the times we live in.

The slurp of her bitter, must’ve triggered Ramblo’s hunger, and she ordered a portion of chips. No false gourmet advertising here folks…but curiously the chips were £2.10 on the snack menu, and £2.15 on the main menu. Wu Tang promptly followed suit and ordered a portion…from the snack menu obviously. I do believe there were also some onion rings thrown into the mix too. The chips arrived and appeared to receive the must-sought accolade, being the L’Autobus seal of approval, and the rest of the badgers delved in too to help them out!

It was a curious place, and the badger room appeared a little dated, but felt authentic at the same time Yet the restaurant area tagged onto the opposite end of the pub seemed very modern. All in all I think the Maypole would be worth a visit when driving along the A65, as long as you don’t miss it…it’s near that big erm, maypole, bang in the centre of Long Preston, I guess I must have always been fully concentrating on the road when driving through previously!



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