Apr 07 2012

The Mill Inn – Mungrisdale

Quite a bit of time has passed as I write this review of The Mill Inn at Mingrisdale. 3 months indeed… so some of the details may be rather sketchy! However here goes. We had walked without l’Autobus that day, and as we descended steeply off of Souther Fell, The Mill Inn came into view, like an oasis at the foot of the fell, how ideal!

We had covered some ground, but as we got to about 50 yards from the hostelry however, the path took a detour right for about a quarter of a mile, the tease! Soon enough we were there though, and the day had turned into a glorious one. As such, Roj this time did the honours from memory. Unless I did?? Surely not, but I recall G and Kinder making a beeline for an outside table, so it must’ve been Roj.

We didn’t hang around indoors, but it looked like a proper country pub inside, one that would be real cozy on a winters Sunday afternoon.

I’ll be honest here, I can’t remember what everyone had to drink, I have even googled what they have on draught but to no avail! I recall having a very refreshing cider, and not one of the mainstreams. G even ended up with a Dizzy Blonde or something similar (well there were no girls with us that day). As I say, we chose to sit outside due to the unexpected sunshine, and the setting of the outside tables is wonderful. Overlooking the river Glenderamackin trickling by just below, you don’t feel you’re merely sat in the pub car park, which in reality you are.

The prices from memory weren’t too bad considering we were in the tourist trap Lake District, maybe as we were off the beaten track a little, and this was more of a haven for walkers. I think the round of four pints, and our usual mix of snacks n nuts came to around 15 quid, which is pretty much what we’d pay at home.

It was one of those pubs you wished you didn’t have to drive home from, as I could certinly have stayed here for a bit of a session! Not too sure that l’Autobus would have concurred on this occasion though…

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