Mar 15 2014

The Royal Hotel – Hayfield

Royal Hotel HayfieldAfter a fantastic walk to Mill Hill, Harry Hut and Lantern Pike we returned to the Royal Hotel for our usual post walk beverage. Upon entering it was obvious it was a popular place with virtually all of the seats taken it looked like we would be stood at the bar (not such a bad thing) 🙂 As we ordered our drinks we could hear the TV on in the very aptly named Ramblers Bar, old boots tied over the roof beams and maps of the local area on the walls. It wasn’t until this point that I realised the relevance of Hayfield in the history of rambling. It was from here that the mass Kinder trespass began in 1932 and followed the same route we had earlier in the day up William Clough.As well as walking memorabilia it had the modern touch and the flat screen TV was showing the Six Nations with England comfortably beating Italy. The rugby was a welcome addition to some of us but not all, in fact after the group of around 10 men cheered loudly at another England try, Ramblo and Karen left the room in search of somewhere a little quieter. They managed to find a small sofa and we moved base camp through to the room they were in. A couple of us had to stand due to the lack of seats but this only went to confirm the popularity of the place. It had a certain atmosphere and buzz about the place which I liked so I was disappointed when G wanted to head home instead of staying for a second drink. I have no idea what other pubs can be found in Hayfield but the biggest compliment I can pay the Royal, is that if I lived there I am sure it would be my local. 🙂
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