Feb 12 2011

The Station – Ribblehead (2nd Visit)

With our walking done for the day we headed to The Station for refreshments, and were greeted by a roaring log fire to warm us up. During the walk I had commented numerous times on how much I was looking forward to sampling a pork pie as the one I had last time had been so nice, and it seemed I had managed to convince a few other people that it was the way forward.

Upon entering we ordered our drinks and a selection of pies from the three choices on offer, pork, pork & haggis or pork & black pudding. I shared a haggis and a black pudding one with G and I have to say they weren’t as nice as last time but they were still nice enough. As we purchased our second drinks the speakers suddenly started blasting out some crazy 80’s disco tune which had no place in such a lovely country setting. Fortunately it was just the juke box announcing it was there and although 20 minutes later another song came on, the woman behind the bar saw sense and turned the volume down to a bearable level.

With my ears no longer ringing I thought I would throw a few darts at the board to gain a bit of practice for my local pub comp, but the board wasn’t playable so we opted for a quick game of pool instead. It must only cost £20 for a new dart board and would surely be worth the investment. We finished our drinks off and left for home after another enjoyable experience, but one that would have been so much better without the music.

Sir Edmund


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