May 28 2011

The Stickle Barn Tavern – Langdale

After an wonderful, but part-aborted walk up the Langdale Pikes and a few surrounding peaks, we were more than ready for a swifty, and the Stickle Barn Tavern was our hostlery of choice. As soon as we went in, the rain that had battered us for the previous three hours at least, subsided and was replaced by glorious sunshine.

Alas, we were indoors, and had still to dry out! The place was heaving downstairs despite being of a grand size, but we were delighted to find a fair bit of extra seating upstairs. Our blatant disregard of the sign stating “no wet clothing upstairs” led us to a table in the corner, and we happily took in the atmosphere, surrounded by various lake district maps and paraphernalia adorning the walls.

Due to the time now passed since the visit, I am a tad rusty as to the beers on offer, and pricewise, well this is the Lake District you know. Even still, Sir Edmund left it to the virginal badger Vidal to do the honours, which I personally thought was excellent value!

As it was, we had been there an hour or so, and bizarrely when we left, the previously packed downstairs was now almost desolate…

Seemed a decent enough place for a beverage though, with obviously magnificent surrounding views.

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