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Badgers In Hibernation

A Badger in hibernation is a sleepy badger, someone who hasn’t been out with us for over a year, but perhaps they are waiting for the right walk, or for other commitments to allow them to join us.

You can see the profiles of these dormant badgers below. Once they’ve walked with us again, they will become Active Badgers once more.

PS We are fully aware that badgers don’t actually hibernate but we thought that hibernation was a better word than lazy 🙂


Famed for her yellow driving gloves, it is fair to say that Becka isn’t the most enthusiastic of Badgers.

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Carol – AKA Carol

Carol must be the sensible one of the group. After 15 walks and over 100 miles of walking together, there is still no obvious tag we can pin on her. Always with a smile, unless it is raining in which case she isn’t happy. Carol met her match on Water Crag where she disappeared up …

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A member of the first ever walk, Darren wasn’t then seen for three years until he joined us for the first leg of the Leeds Country Way. The reason for that is either, chronic knee problems, cricket season, or a busy social life, depending on what time of year it is. He completed the 62 mile …

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Gill ticked off 7 of our Yorkshire tops in just two walks during 2010. Those walks included the third highest of Yorkshire’s peaks, Great Shunner Fell, as well as one of its most famous, Pen y Ghent. She was also in attendance when we did our little 2.6 mile walk from Kettlewell to Middlesmoor Pasture.

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Another member of the initial walk which qualifies Helen as a Rambling Badger. It was over three years before Helen joined us again on our annual Easter weekend away, although she did do one walk of note in the mean time. In 2011 she did the Yorkshire Three Peaks for charity and although it wasn’t a Badgers walk, …

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Janet isn’t a regular member of the clan, as she seems to only want to attend when the distance is short and the weather is good, and even then she often has an excuse! If you believed all she tells you she can’t manage more than files miles, even though she has attended a couple …

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John has only attended the one walk (Yockenthwaite Moor), and is unlikely to do any more, as he was disappointed to learn that at the time of the walk, it was our smallest and easiest walk to that point. The disappointment came from the fact that he said it felt like a lot more, and …

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Karen first joined the Badgers on our lovely stroll to Beamsley Beacon back in April 2011. It wasn’t until August 2013 that she next joined us but has since become more of a regular attendee. In 2014 Karen was one of 10 Badgers who completed the 40 mile Lyke Wake Walk after walking from Osmotherley …

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Lewis was added to the Badgers in February 2013 after the second section of the Leeds Country Way. He had attended our walk to Black Hill in November 2012 and enjoyed it even thought the conditions weren’t the best. Now kitted out a little better, he will no doubt attend some of our shorter walks in future.

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Mick is a bit of a funny one really. He is more than capable of covering large distances, and always seems to enjoy the walks he attends, but he doesn’t attend very often. He proved he was capable of toughing it out, when he lost half his heel on our walk to Dodd Fell and Drumaldrace …

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Roland has attended three walks in the past, clocking up just over 30 miles in the process. He was in attendance when we did our longest walk of 2010 and our shortest walk of 2011 proving himself to be an allrounder.

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Ryan’s attendance depends on Roger, although we are not sure if Ryan is coming along willingly or through sufferance. That said, he never grumbles when walking so it must be the former. He has experienced most weather conditions whilst out with us from deep snow in Swaledale to bright sunshine in Wharfedale.

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Simon – AKA Beaky

Any sign of an incline and Beaky is off, quickly disappearing into the distance. He probably spends more than half his time stood around waiting for other people to catch up and can often be seen shivering at the cairn having been stood there ages by the time the group arrive.

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At the time of writing Tony has only attended four “official” Badger walks, but has managed to rack up over 80 miles during those. In 2011 he completed our sponsored Yorkshire Three Peaks in just over 9 hours, which is a fantastic time. In 2012 he joined the main team of four, from Gargrave to Horton in …

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