Mar 27 2010

The Wheatsheaf – Ingleton

As today’s walk had exceeded the estimated mileage by some distance, the boozer couldn’t come soon enough!

Having already driven through Ingleton earlier, it was pre-determined that The Wheatsheaf would be the order of the day. A sizeable pub, they were doing a decent trade when we entered and as the ladies nudged some good folk aside to snare a table, and perhaps more importantly, a backrest, the chaps were happy to make do with stools at the bar.

Say it quietly, but this gave a better view of Soccer Saturday reporting away to itself on the TV in the corner. A long thin bar area, meant frequent movements as punters and staff passed by in their numbers, however this did not detract from another decent find, although tempered ever so slightly by Norwich scoring in the 89th minute against the Mighty Whites…cannot comment on the prices as chance would have it, Sir Edmund dipped into his pockets and paid!

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