Apr 06 2012

The White Lion – Patterdale

After an excellent jaunt around the first four of our Far Eastern Fells list we headed the short journey up the road to Patterdale where we thought we would find a pub. That pub was the White Lion and it was half full with drinkers but that still left enough room for a few Badgers and I began to order the beers helped along by the very friendly bar staff. I managed to get a drink for all six of us and even squeezed a couple of packets of team nibbles out of the £20 I had on me.

I don’t suppose given the location it was bad value and I even stuck the 5p change in the charity box. We sat at a table at the far end of the pub (to the left as you walk in) to find the reserved signs on the table. They were free for the next few hours and we would be long gone by the time the table of “Love” turned up. Overall it seemed like a nice boozer and even had a couple of kettles, but alas we didn’t have the opportunity to add to our collection of “kettles for heads” pictures.

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Sir Edmund


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