Aug 25 2012

White Bear – Masham

Today’s walk was a bit of a tiddler, thoroughly enjoyable as ever, but the 3 and a bit miles meant we were done before pub opening time…so the Blue Lion at East Witton will have to wait for another day. We headed south from East Witton (as we had already been north, missing our turn off of the A1 earlier in the day) and headed towards Ripon.

We arrived at Masham and were confronted with signs inviting us to either the original Theakstons pub, The White Bear, or the visitor centre at The Black Sheep Brewery (you all know the story right? Theakston brother sets up his own brewery next door…black sheep of the family)

Anyhow, the White Bear was closer, and though whilst we’re out walking the distance is never (usually) a problem, where the ale is concerned, the nearest will suffice every time! So The White Bear it was.

The clock had just struck midday, so we were pretty much the first punters of the day, and thus had a choice of the main room to the left or the tap room to the right. We went for the tap room, and although the pub was obviously very well kept, it still had an old school authentic feel to it. Ramblo, being our bitter connoisseur opted for a Theakstons Black Bull (going against an early start on the stronger Old Peculiar), Wu Tang and “Birm” had the soft drink (orange J20 from memory) option. Sir Edmund and I, being the heathens that we are in a traditional bitter pub, chose a Kronenbourg and a Strongbow respectively.

Tag onto that a couple of packets of crisps, and the bill was racking up. But wait, Sir Edmund had already asked about the chip option, and yes they did them (all gourmet and chunky??) was the reply. He ordered a couple of portions and saw a few coppers return from a Twenty! Not cheap, but hey, this was the first Theakstons pub (i.e. tourist trap when it comes to the pricing!)

Well the chips arrived, plentiful they were too, and the speed at which they went had me thinking that they too will be worthy of the L’autobus sticker once they come out of the printers! For the uninitiated out there, this means they went down very well!

An extra pint for Sir Edmund and a half for me saw me part with a tenner and not see a note back, just a few nuggets. Small mercies then that Sir Edmund was in the chair first time around!

To sum up…great chips, nice spot, a tad pricy (but dont let that put you off from paying a visit)

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