Sep 15 2012

Badgers To Meet Eggheads

The Badgers with Barry from the Eggheads

It seems that many different people read the Badgers website, including researchers at 12 Yard Productions, who contacted us after finding our email address on this site. They were looking for teams to film the BBC2 quiz show Eggheads and felt that the Rambling Badgers would be worthy of an audition. The powers that be at Badger Towers swung into action and we began the process of whittling down more than 15 Badgers into a team of five. It wasn’t too much of an issue as there were only five that showed any real interest, and a couple of those did so to help make up the numbers. It wasn’t that the whole thing didn’t appeal to them, but taking on the might of the Eggheads is a pretty daunting thought, especially the potential embarrassment on national TV.

The day of the audition finally arrived and earlier today Dave (Sir Edmund), Leanne (Wu Tang), Matt (Shadow), Roger (The Flying Stick) & Simon (Beaky) along with Sandra (Ramblo) as a reserve, went to the Radisson in Leeds for our audition. There were four other teams there and after a few rounds of Eggheads and an individual quiz sheet to fill out we had to do a small screen test in the presence of Barry Egghead. Who knows how we did or how it all went, but if the two girls doing the auditions are to be believed and they like to have a variety of contestants we are in with a chance. All we have to do now is wait for the call, and if it comes then we are on a train to Glasgow…


As we couldn’t make filming during October due to holidays, it will be February 2013 before we find out if we were successful and if so we will film in March. More updates as we have them.



So it seems the Badgers have been successful in their audition and have been given a provisional filming date in April. No doubt we will write up our experience when the time comes, but for now we need to spend our time swotting up.



It has all but been confirmed that we will be filming on 13th April so look out for a write up of our experience. As for how we get on, that will have to wait until it is screened.



15/4/2013 – We were in Glasgow on Saturday to film us taking on the Eggheads. We were told that it may be the back end of 2013 before anything is screened, but once we know the date we will make sure it is announced on here and our Facebook page.


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