Mar 27 2010

Walk 4: The Long Road Home

Simon Fell & Ingleborough

route: ingleborough & simon fell from ingleton
Date: 27th march 2010
distance: 12.7 miles
ascent: 2,398 feet
time: 6 hrs 30 mins
walkers: carol, dave, graham, jane, leanne, marc, sandra & simon

Today was the day we took on one of the big boys of the Yorkshire Dales. Ingleborough is the second highest peak and one most of us have had a little experience with in one form or another. In the past, five of today’s walkers had climbed Ingleborough whilst doing the Three Peaks of Yorkshire, albeit a long time ago. The three that hadn’t climbed it were nervous and slightly worried about their ability to do it, but after plenty of reassurance they seemed to relax and understand that it would be tough but perfectly achievable. The route from Ingleton was a new one to all of us, so in some way, we were going on a journey of discovery together. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 13 2010

The Sportsman’s Inn – Cow Dub

Having started and finished today’s walk from Dent Station, we had noticed the Sportsmans Inn en route and narrowly passed up the temptation to sample their ales there and then!

Good job in hindsight, as there was no way the troops would have scaled the half mile climb back up that hill to Dent Station weighed down by a pint or two! Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 13 2010

Walk 3: Knout Better To Do

Arten Gill Viaduct

route: great knoutberry from dent station
date: 13th march 2010
distance: 6.9 miles
ascent: 1,593 feet
time: 3 hrs 30 mins
walkers: dave, graham, jane, katie, leanne, roger, sandra & simon

There was a slightly different feel to the journey as we made our way to Dent Station for our third walk. Having never walked in the snow until recently I had now found myself liking it, and was a bit disappointed that it seemed to be melting. As we turned off the A65 at Ingleton and passed Ingleborough, the top was still covered but the lower slopes were clear. It was the same with Whernside as we drove past the Ribblehead viaduct, before turning left down towards Dent. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 20 2010

The Farmers Arms – Muker

With no pub in our finish point at Keld we drove a few miles down the road to Muker and The Farmers Arms as it was recommended by Carol.

We entered to find a couple sat in the corner and some bloke sat at the bar. We ordered our drinks and as it had been a cold days walking asked if they were still doing food, which they had just finished. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 20 2010

Walk 2: Seating Arrangement

Snow covered peat hags on Rogan’s Seat

route: rogan’s seat from keld
date: 20th february 2010
distance: 7.7 miles
ascent: 1,699 feet
time: 4 hrs 30 mins
walkers: carol, dave, leanne, roger, ryan, sandra & simon

I was a little unsure as we set off for Keld as the previous days weather forecast had predicted snow for higher parts of the Dales. After looking at the map it was obvious that to get to our chosen starting point we would have to use some smaller roads and I didn’t know if they were clear. In any case we had made a contingency plan earlier in the week. We would see how far we could get and if we ran into dangerous road conditions we would turn round and head home. Fortunately the roads were clear and we arrived at Keld about half past nine. We found the little farm yard / car park which was equipped with toilets and the like and began to get ready. As the 10am start time approached we still hadn’t seen sight of Roger and being that we were in a fairly remote part of the Dales we didn’t have a phone signal to contact him. Even if we did there was no guarantee he would, so there was no point in worrying and I think that is one of the charms of being out and about. I like the fact that the hustle and bustle of city life is left behind for another time. At ten past ten, with us about to set off (due to Simon & Sandra having evening arrangements and not the fact we wanted to leave them behind) Roger and Ryan arrived. Read the rest of this entry »