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Summits & Trig Point Galleries

As we reach each summit or trig point we usually crack out the sandwiches, no matter what time of day it is. Once we have fed and watered ourselves we then take a few shots for posterity. These will forever remind us of all the places we reached and all the good times we shared. We are happy to share them with you, but we can’t promise you will get the same enjoyment as we do.


Yorkshire Tops Gallery

This was our first tick list and here you will find pictures of all the summits we reached in 2010. We have since been back and visited some again, and in some cases, again.

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Yorkshire Trig Points Gallery

By the time we had completed of Yorkshire tops list we had visited a decent number of trig points, so we simply decided to do the rest. The pictures in this album show all of the ones we have visited so far.

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Peak District Tops Gallery

The Peak District is just as close to us as the Dales, so it was only a matter of time before we created ourselves a list of hills to visit. They might not be as big as the Dales or the Lakes but size isn’t everything (so the saying goes). Here you will find pictures of …

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15/10/11 The Badgers at the first of the Peak District trigs

Peak District Trig Points Gallery

There are 89 trig points within the Peak District National Park, so we have plenty to go at. The list is relatively new to us so it will keep us going for the next few years at least.

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20/4/2012 Jane showing off her Rambling Badgers badge

Lake District Tops (Wainwrights)

The Wainwrights are going to take us a while to do but we are happy with that. We get to savour them and enjoy them bit by bit. At the time of writing the most any Badger has done is 22 of the 214 Wainwrights, so we may take some time…

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20/4/2012 The highest of the Central Fells complete

Lake District Trig Points

The trig points in the Lake District are not one of our priorities so there may not be many pictures in here for a while. Still, the trigs won’t go anywhere and neither will the hills. We will get round to them one day.  

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