Jul 14 2012

Stables Bar – Monsal Head

As we drove to the car park we passed through the villages of Great Longstone (2 pubs spotted) and Little Longstone (1 pub spotted), so it appeared we wouldn’t go thirsty. Well as we pulled into the car park, it only happened to be right next to another boozer…excellent choice Sir Edmund.

So with the pleasant walk completed, we were perched at the head of the Monsal Trail. The Stables Bar had plenty of tables outside, which is a good job…the sun was making a rare appearance and it was a busy spot. Had it been raining it would have been interesting as things looked a little pokey inside. Sir Edmund delved into his deep pockets on this occasion, and they had to be deep as he parted with just shy of £15 for two pints, three pops and a couple of bags of crisps…tourist trap alert!! The choice was plentiful, and I went for an Addlestones Cloudy Cider, Sir Edmund a Becks Vier…very nice they were too, so much so that Sir Edmund had the time to sneak in his obligatory second pint.

A downside was the food…those familiar to these reviews will note that l’Autobus are prone to the odd bowl of chips here and there. So when Sir Edmund requested just chips, he was told they don’t do “just chips”. I mean it sounds like a tall ask doesn’t it? No sale then! Although looking at the prices on the menu, Sir Edmund may have got away with one there.

It was a pleasant place, and due to it’s grand location, I’m sure they will never go short of trade, but we came away thinking that with a little more effort, it could be so much better.

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