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Jan 25 2014

Walk 73 – Rod’s Gift

Rod Moor from Dungworth: Dungworth would be the start point for our first visit to the Peak District in 2014. Under normal circumstance we would have had a leisurely start but today we were in a bit of a rush.

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Dec 29 2013

Walk 71 – We Whit You A Merry Christmas

Whitwell Moor from Midhopestones: I had missed the last walk due to some sort of “man” flu or something so I was raring to go by the time we pulled up in Midhopestones. As I switched off the engine I could see Beaky and Ramblo were already togged up ready to go.

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Dec 01 2012

Fox House – Nr Carlecotes

After yet another delightful walk, we found ourselves in an unusual, but not totally new situation, of finishing in a village without a pub. No drama though, we simply had a quick chat as to the routes we would all be taking home, checked the map, then set off following my nose to sniff out …

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Dec 01 2012

Walk 57 – Been There, Dun That!

South Nab from Dunford Bridge: This was going to be the last walk of 2012 due to various reasons, including the busy festive period, but personally the most important of which was the ever nearing arrival of Sir Edmund junior, and I didn’t want to be caught half way up a hill somewhere if Wu Tang called.

Nov 03 2012

Walk 56: Wild West?

Black Hill & West Nab from Wessenden Head: It had been almost two months since we last laced up our boots and I was itching to get going as we pulled up in a lay-by opposite the entrance to Wessenden Head Reservoir. A short time later Roger and Ryan arrived, followed not long after by Marc, Jane and Lucy which meant we would have 9 in attendance today.

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