Aug 21 2010

The Dalesman – Sedbergh

Having been to Sedbergh before and visited The Bull Hotel on both occasions we decided to spread our wings a little and try somewhere else this time.

We used the tried an tested selection process of the first pub we find wins and therefore The Dalesman was today’s venue for post ramble beverages.

The walk had been a lovely one in the sunshine so we were happy to see some seats outside for us to cool off a little. Unfortunately this was right next to the road but you can’t have everything and at least the road wasn’t too busy.

Inside the decor was very modern and clean and not was I was expecting, that said it was very nice. Judging by the signs and awards around the doorway the food would be very good but as per usual we made do with a packet of crisps and a bag of nuts. My overall impression was this was a food pub rather than a drinkers one which isn’t really my style but it did the job on the day so can’t complain.

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Sir Edmund


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