Apr 17 2011

The Fleece – Addingham

After a wonderful mornings walking, we headed from Bolton Abbey just down the road to the Devonshire Arms, however with the car park being rammed, and the girls deciding they were seriously underdressed, we abandoned that idea and headed for the next village, being Addingham.

That is where we happened upon The Fleece, and the place was heaving. The spring sunshine had brought out the good folk of Addingham, and the tables at the front of the pub were all taken.

As we had parted (reluctantly…) with £6 per car to park up at Bolton Abbey, we were scraping together hand fulls of change in order to get the drinks in, and the sunshine must have gone to Sir Edmund’s head, as he asked for a Coke…I asked him again, and he confirmed it…a Coke!!

Once I had picked myself up off the floor, I set to ordering soft drinks for the boys, and alcohol for the girls, there is a serious flaw here! On draught were Carlsberg and Stella for the lager connoisseurs, and Black Sheep for the bitter lovers.

It was a tad pricy, Sir Edmund and I chipping in together due to the Bolton Abbey car park robbery mentioned previously…the Cokes especially, coming in at £2.45, and the handfuls of change soon diminished. But that aside, the place was very recommendable, and although we settled for 3 bags of team Seabrooks, the food that was coming out of the kitchen, looked and smelled gorgeous, and the various michelin stickers in the pub window appeared well warranted.

It was pleasing to have come across The Fleece, and after polishing off our drinks, we left the good folk of Addingham to get merrily sloshed in the warm Sunday sun.

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