Aug 08 2010

The Fox & Hounds – Starbotton

After another hard but rewarding days rambling, we were somewhat disappointed to find the Buck Inn in Buckden closed until further notice. Fortunately we had been tipped off by a fellow rambler on Birks Fell, but it was a shame, as that’s where we had parked up that morning.

Not too downhearted, we knew of pubs in Starbotton and Kettlewell, and we were just hoping none of them adhered to the old Sunday licensing laws, it being about 5pm. Upon approaching the first of these pubs, the Fox & Hounds in Starbotton, we were delighted to find it open, and after maneuvering our way carefully into the undersized car park (well undersized when there are 4×4’s in it) we proceeded to the bar for alcoholic refreshment.

We were straight into the bar and back out to the beer garden at the front of the pub, so the interior is still a mystery. The sun was back out, thus all was well with the world in the reasonable sized beer garden. It was an enjoyable boozer all round. Sir Edmund said he wanted to expand his knowledge of bar tariffs in the Yorkshire Dales, thus bought the bevvies and so any comments on costs need to be directed to him.

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