Jun 06 2010

The George Inn – Hubberholme

A pleasant ramble up Yockenthwaite Moor, coupled with some bog-hopping once up top, was followed by a couple of jars in the George.

Now Hubberholme doesn’t have much… the George, a river, a farm, a peak scooting off up to its right, erm, erm, well that’s all we required of Hubberholme anyway, so it was ideal.

For a hamlet so small, the George looked like a huge building from the outside. It was a bit of a reverse tardis as it transpired, once inside, it was all a bit squashed really. That aside, despite being busy catering for numerous Sunday-lunchers, service was prompt and we took up residence on a corner table in the room up from the bar area.

The beers flowed freely enough for us to squeeze an extra round in, and in these quaint surroundings, it was a case of absolutely, why ever not! The food being served smelled lovely although we didn’t eat here. Sir Edmund did the honours at the bar (about time I say) so cannot comment on the bar prices. And as Sir Edmund’s Dad came along this time too, he generously got in the extra round. Good man!

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