May 15 2010

The Green Dragon – Hardraw

A good number of miles under our belt again, the troops were pleased that the walk began and ended in Hardraw. This not only meant an ale or two in the Green Dragon, but they could also take in Hardraw Force.

The tight accountant was however, flabbergasted to learn the only access to the beautiful waterfall, was actually through the pub and was £2 a shot. As such, it was decided everyones £2 (and a bit extra…) would go behind the bar instead. Thus Hardraw Force was for another time.

The barman, bless him, looked flummoxed at the arrival of eight new punters at his bar, but eventually (very slowly) proceeded to ensure we were all served. As the inside seemed to be quite cramped, in addition to that day being overrun by some morris-dancing, folk-singing convention or something, the small selection of tables out front were seen as a better alternative. A fine choice too, as the sun was out. Maybe we caught them on a bad day, as they were quite busy, so I will put the slow service down to fatigue. I am sure we will be back one day to form a second opinion of the Green Dragon. No comment can be made of the bar prices, as Sir Edmund said his round had come around again…

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