Sep 24 2011

The Lion – Settle

It had been a while since we had been out wandering the hills, and as such it had been a while since we had a couple of snifters afterwards!

The walk had been based around the little tourist trap that is Settle, so I was expecting a) somewhere rammed and b) somewhere rather expensive. Finishing the walk on our way to the car park, we had noticed a place on the main road through Settle, and thus our hostelry of choice was The Lion (or The Golden Lion if you take note of the stone built in above the door).

There’s more than one entrance and you are given the choice of sitting round the back in the little courtyard (which we only spotted upon leaving), the posh-sit-down-restaurant-bit, the bar area (which was smart and well maintained) and the taproom-style-area, which to be honest was still quite smart, but I think aimed at the drinkers as opposed to the droppers in and eaters.

So that was us sorted then, as Sir Edmund did the honours, and at the choice of the ladies, we sat in the drinkers bit in front of the early saturday afternoon sport! Pints each of bitter, cider, lager and lager shandy had been procured, along with a selection of crisps, and I was somewhat surprised that this little lot came just to just over £14, not the cheapest admittedly, however for a popular tourist area, I thought it quite reasonable. Actually, like I say, as Sir Edmund did the honours, I thought it was bloody fantastic value!!

Only as we were getting set to head off did the ladies spot the bar snack menu, which looked good, and the food we saw coming out of the kitchen seemed to confirm the same.

Ramblo even commented she would like to come back for a longer stay another time, and by her standards that is going some!!

If I had to recommend this place for either a quick drink, or a quick bite, I would definitely say it’s a yes.

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