Apr 17 2010

The Moorcock Inn – Garsdale Head

Today’s peaks had us scaling Mallerstang Edge, and as Outhgill hasn’t a pub, we drove back down the B6259 to the Moorcock Inn, at the junction with the A684 (Sedbergh to Hawes road).

After fighting our way through the stubborn front door, ales were purchased and a small table at the other side of the door was selected, as it had the sun beaming through the adjacent front window. The staff were preparing for some sort of karaoke or gig that evening, thus the place was a little untidy, and the selection of board games hmmm not sure what that was about.

Not a personal favourite, and a bit of an oxymoron was the Moorcock Inn, but all the same, the drinks were cold and refreshing after a hard day scaling three more tops. Not sure about the prices, Sir Edmund insisted of being in the chair once more…

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