May 25 2013

The Old Hill Inn – Chapel Le Dale

Old Hill Inn
After a wonderful walk to Ingleborough and and along the ridge that contains Simon Fell and park Fell, we found ourselves back at the car looking for a pub. I always plan walks around pubs to ensure we have somewhere to talk it over and finish off the whole day out with a beverage, so it wasn’t by accident that the Old Hill Inn was 50 yards away, so we tagged a little extra on to the walk and went for a drink.

I have been in here a few times without really taking note of the interior and I have to say that I did so once again, although the bar staff were very friendly and welcomed us with a smile. With the day being such a glorious one, we chose to take our drinks outside. Beaky payed for a drink for me (pint of lager), Ramblo had a diet coke and he got a cider which set him back all but a few pennies out of a tenner. To be honest I have no idea if that is expensive or cheap these days and I know prices can vary depending on location and competition. Outside it was simple a case of finding a spot on the grass that which was fine for us being all sweaty, but for anyone wanting to enjoy a drink whilst passing it may not be to their taste. I felt that it wouldn’t take much to make the whole area pleasant by adding half a dozen tables to cater for people. This, in my opinion would improve the customer experience. The one thing that is beyond doubt especially on a day like this, is the view. Ingleborough looked fantastic as we had a full on view of its unmistakable profile. To be honest this would compensate for sitting on the grass any day, but that view may have been better sat a few feet higher.
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