Nov 19 2011

The Red Lion – Burnsall

We reached the Red Lion after a short and sweet circular route from Burnsall, and after taking the boots off at the car we made the 50 yard journey to the pub.

Upon entering it wasn’t quite as I remember it but it was ten years since my last visit and I quickly realised that it was probably me who didn’t remember it correctly rather than the place changing massively. I ordered a few drinks and whilst waiting I stuck my nose through a doorway into what looked to be a new conversion and the room was set out for a wedding and looked wonderful.

Not wanting to get told off I returned to the bar where my drinks were just about ready. The day was a glorious one and we chose to sit outside on the benches in front of the pub to soak up the last of the Autumn sun. I bought a pint of Kronebourg, a pint of bitter and two pints of diet coke. On top of that I purchased two packets of Seabrook’s crisps and all this came to £10 which I thought was quite expensive but I suppose you come to expect it when you go to these nice remote country pubs.

All in all the Red Lion was a nice pub and one which I could happily sit outside on a nice summers day but it would be an expensive taxi home.

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Sir Edmund


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