Jun 12 2010

The Tan Hill Inn – Tan Hill

The equation was pretty simple. It was day two of the football world cup, and Water Crag was one of the extra peaks Sir Edmund had shoe-horned onto the list. So, get up there nice and early, scale the peak, get back, then watch endless football.

There would however be no time for a drink today. That was the plan. However, our starting point, which would be a suitable side-of-the-road spot on the road up to Tan Hill Inn, actually became the Tan Hill Inn as we drove too far. So once the walk was over, the tight accountant was convinced (hoodwinked, conned) by the others, that as we were here, he should forget the once-every-four-years world cup, and sample the once-in-a-lifetime (or-at-least-until-next-time-we-go-there) Tan Hill Inn.

Now you have all heard of it right? Famous as the place where Everest Windows always to go to make an advert when sales are slumping… As you would imagine, being the highest pub in Britain, it was very busy, although we did manage to bag seats inside quite easily, as many of the clientele were bikers, so they stood outside. Being manly and biker-ish, as is their want.

Inside, comedy spiders dropping from the ceiling, backwards clocks, inoffensive bar signs, live chickens in a box in the middle of the bar floor (you’d better believe it), it was like a wacky-warehouse for country bumpkins. And it was great! Make the effort to visit one day, although Sir Edmund will have to let you in on how the bar prices fared, he reckoned on it being his shout this week

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