The Badgers

It would be wrong to liken us to a group of gangsta rappers because quite clearly we are not, although we do share a similar kind of set up. We have a core of 7 members and are joined from time to time by other affiliates such as family members or close friends. The emphasis is firmly on group enjoyment and we start and finish all our walks together regardless of conditions or difficulty. Those who possess legs that work faster simply find convenient spots to wait from time to time and let the stragglers catch up. As should be the case, safety always comes first, but beware, should any stumble not be so serious, the walking paparazzi will have it on camera. Fortunately this isn’t a common occurrence and we all know how to enjoy life and laugh at ourselves, although we would much rather be laughing at someone else knee deep in bog.

We don’t have a motto but if we did it would be something along the lines of “this is too tough today”, “oh no, more bog” or maybe “who’s stupid idea was this in the first place”.

Click on the photos below to find out more about each of the Rambling Badgers.


Active Badgers

An active Badger is someone who has walked with us in the last twelve months, been on one of our rambles or has perhaps joined us on a sponsored walk.

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Badgers In Hibernation

A Badger in hibernation is a sleepy badger, someone who hasn’t been out with us for over a year, but perhaps they are waiting for the right walk, or for other commitments to allow them to join us.

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