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Charlie’s Meet the Badgers “Q and A”

What nicknames have you had throughout your life? – Charlie, Chazza, Chaz, Charlottie oh and some kid called me Mrs Blobby in primary school but I’m not sure that counts . . .

Who would play you in a film of your life? – Amanda Bynes maybe or Doris Day as she is in Calamity Jane,

Who would you really like to meet? – I would really like to meet the guy I’m gunna marry because, Christ is he taking his time!

If you were taking someone walking for the first time where would you go? – If we were going walking in Cambridge then probably go down past Kings College Chapel to Trinity Street and over the bridge onto the college green, the architecture the whole way through is insane . . .

What’s your favourite activities other than walking?– Drawing

Sum yourself up in five words – Artistic, creative, independent, open minded, tall

Who or what really annoys you? – Attention seeking really annoys me and the age old question ‘have you got a boyfriend yet’, like I offend ppl because I’m single . . .

Favourite TV programme? – Is always going to be friends and not just because if I could I would marry Chandler

Which website do you spend most time on? – Facebook, especially today, after answering all these questions

Favourite film? – Is and always will be Calamity Jane

What was the last film you saw? – The last film i saw at the cinema was Ted, the last filmed I watched was The Incredibles

And the last book you read? – Can’t actually remember the last book I read, I think I started reading American Psycho but then watched the movie instead . . .

Give us a playlist of your favourite five songs (and artists) – Couldn’t possibly say what my favourite 5 songs are, it changes constantly, all the time, depending on what I fancy listening to

What is your biggest walking achievement as a Badger?– Biggest walking achievement would be the first walk I went on, the one with the snow, I forget what that was called, but that would also be my favourite one as well (it was Great Wherside)

What’s your favourite peak? – see answer above

You are forced to have a tattoo, what does it say?– If I was forced to have a tattoo it would say ‘I got paid a lot of money to have this tattoo ‘

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind?– It would have to be something really easy like questions about Sex and the city or Friends or the Simpsons . . . I don’t know much about anything else, not enough to get through a round of questions anyway . .

You’re invited to a fancy dress party, who will you go as?– I’d either be going as Calamity Jane or Ace Ventura, I reckon I could rock Hawaiian pineapple pants

What football team do you support? – I support Leeds and only Leeds if I said otherwise I think I’d be stripped of my surname

Any other teams? – No, see above

Which British Peak would you most like to walk? – I’d like to re-walk the peak with the snow on top, but only when its snowy

What’s your favourite pub/restaurant? – Chequers

Favourite food? – Is just food in general

Favourite drink? – Ribena

What’s the funniest thing you have seen whilst out walking with the Rambling Badgers? Funniest thing I’ve seen while out walking with the Badgers is one of the lads going arse over tit down the snowy mountain, I forget who, but they did not execute their decent smoothly at all

What are you scared of? – I am scared of squids and octopi, they serve no purpose and why do they have a beak?

You can save one prized possession, what is it? – Saving one prized possession would be probably all the photographs that I have of all the family, be a shame to lose them all

What’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to you?– The worst thing that has ever been said to me is when I was 17 my ‘best’ friend of the time accused me of sleeping with her boyfriend while we were on a night out, in the 10mins I’d been away at the loo I’d apparently taken him round the corner to a hotel, checked in and then had my way with him . . . if that was the case then either I’m super quick or he wasn’t very good, needless to say that friendship ended swiftly, idiot

What keeps you awake at night? – Needing to pee keeps me awake at night, It’s such an inconvenience, everyone should have a catheter fitted before bed time than there really is no reason to have to get up

Tell us something about yourself that only you know?– Something only I know is . . . relating to the answer not above but the one before, the guy that she is married to now asked me, while we were on a night out (a few months after the whole sleeping with her boyf fiasco) he asked me if he dumped her would I go out with him, I of course said no, to which he replied, what not even if it was like 3 months later . . . winner

Who’d be your four ideal (living) dinner party guests?– Four ideal dinner guests would be my good friends, it’d be hard to pick only four, am I allowed a few dinner parties, I could invite them in fours . . .

Who’d be your four ideal (dead) dinner party guests?– . I don’t know, I think it’d freak me out a little bit

If you could be marooned with one celebrity, who would it be? – I want to pick a chef because than at least they’re gunna be resourceful with the islands food supply, not a big fan of celebrities, maybe I’d be happier on my own . . .

Favourite holiday destination? – Favourite holiday destination, just because i have had some great times there would probably be Centre Parcs although Lyon comes in as a close second

Finally, would you rather be attacked by one horse sized duck, or twelve duck sized horses? – Horse sized duck, I could tame it and then we could fly around, it’d be awesome!

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